My name is Kathie. I'm 24 and a busy full time student at one of the universities in Berlin, Germany, hoping to finish my master's degree soon. 

I'm a girl who always loves a good book, spray paint, playgrounds (I love swings!),  many kinds of music and art, late night walks in a park, wingback chairs, and a good hot cup of coffee or tea with a friend. I believe that beauty can be found everywhere and that even the smallest things have the power to brighten your day if you let them.

I find a creative compensation to my intense and highly theoretical studies in painting, sewing, cooking, and crafting all sorts of things. In this blog I share experiences, inspirations, DIY tutorials, and many many photos and I hope that everyone who stumbles upon this blog leaves inspired and with one or two creative ideas in mind. Thank you for reading along!

Please feel welcome to write comments or email me and say hello. I've already get to know amazing people through this blog and I'd love to know you, too!

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