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Saturday, April 25

Ready for warmer days

One week of wonderfully warm days and I'm in full summer mode. Strange how these things happen. These days I repeatedly catch myself dreaming of beautiful Swedish summer nights, where we'd have dinner with all of our friends at a long wooden table in the garden behind our (also Swedish) house. There would grow flowers all around us and I'd wear sleeveless shirts and sandals.
I think our destination for our summer vacation is clear now. It makes me so happy just to look at all the items below. I want to have them all. But Sweden or not, I'm seriously looking forward to summer and everything that comes with it.

 photo cats_zps8guu28jr.jpg

Tuesday, April 21

Alphabet necklaces | DIY

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I think it's time for new jewelry tutorials! We haven't had those in a while. Today, we're teaming up with to show you how you can use alphabet beads to make cute personalized necklaces that can spell out anything from your favorite food to your name or the name of your favorite band. I always feel like I need to stack up on necklaces every year around this time, when it's too warm for scarves and my neck looks strangely empty. Anyone else know that feeling?
 photo 1_zpsczuqeyhi.jpg

What you need:

alphabet beads (I used acrylic beads in black and gold)
more beads, end caps, nuts to arrange with the alphabet beads or to make a layered necklace

eyepins - the ones I used are 5cm long and hold up to 5 alphabet beads. For longer words use longer eyepins.

round nose pliers
chain nose pliers
 photo 3_zpsirwpxsgi.jpg
 photo 2_zpsg4kn0itc.jpg
 photo 5_zps9jtxkrq6.jpg

How it works:

1. String the alphabet beads and any other beads onto an eyepin. Make sure there are about 2cm left at the end to create a second eye.
Need inspiration? How about: hope, love, rain, dream, diy, bff, pizza, cake, hello, roar, meow, cool, fancy, wow, yeah, xoxo, brave, tgif, smile ...?

2. Make a second eye at the end of the pin. It's not that complicated but I would advise you to practice it a few times beforehand. To make an eye, grip the pin with the chain nose pliers right behind the last bead and bend the remaining pin into an 45° angle. Now make a loop with the round nose pliers until the end of the pin points downwards, cut away the excess wire using the sidecutter and maybe correct slightly with the chain nose pliers again. Here's also a nice video tutorial.

3. Pick the chain up, that you want to use and cut it open at the exact opposite of the clasp. Use the sidecutter for that. The necklace has now two ends. String the last loop of each end onto an eye of the eyepin.

4. Start over and make another! The alphabet necklaces look great alone and layered. Try out a few combinations with your existing necklaces ore make new ones to accompany them. For the one with the meow necklace I just put two end caps with a large bead in between onto an eyepin. Easy peasy.

Sunday, April 19

12 green ideas for earth day

 photo eab4975b-b842-488c-bc6b-24cf946ec08d_zpsrp2ruecs.jpg

Earth Day is just around the corner. I think it's a great opportunity to get into loads of environmentally friendly project this week and maybe learn a thing or two how we can treat our earth a little better. I collected some simple ideas and projects you can try to celebrate our beautiful Earth this year.

1. Make colorful bowls
and containers from empty soap or shampoo bottles.

2. Plant an indoor garden.

 photo IMG_8099_zps7wbhsma6.jpg
3. Take a walk.
Enjoy the nature all around you, listen to the birds and the wind.

4. Clean naturally.
Learn how you can clean basically everything with natural products you already have at home.

5. Start a kitchen garden experiment
with food scraps. Grow your own pineapple tree! Entertaining and educational, not only for kids.

6. Make seed balls
and bring color to your neighborhood. Up for some guerrilla gardening? Drop seed bombs all around your city or town and watch flowers grow everywhere!

7. Make cute kitty planters
from old plastic bottles.

8. Make a round art gallery
from toilet paper rolls.

9. Recycle old t-shirts
into yarn and use it for a crochet or knitting project.

10. Plant a tree!

11. Transform a stack of old magazines
into a stylish stool. I know this one is to buy, but seriously, you can easily DIY it and safe a lot of money, too.

12. Host an Earth Day dinner.
Try to use only local and organic foods. The most delicious way to celebrate.

Saturday, April 11

A week off everything

 photo IMG_0788_zpsjw4c9plb.jpg
I hope you are enjoying a great weekend! We were blessed with the sunniest of days today and spend a great deal of our time outside exploring, buying ice cream and enjoying the sun in our faces. People in shorts and t-shirts everywhere! It seems almost inadequate to share pictures of our vacation at the Szczecin Lagoon on such a sunny and warm day. Because, well, it was cold and cloudy most of the time. We still had a great time!
 photo IMG_0736_zps0mny45nr.jpg
 photo IMG_0772_zpsx4flupod.jpg
After the boyfriend's master thesis was handed in, we both wanted to take some time off to relax and rewind. Just the two of us. At the Szczecin Lagoon, in a sleepy village, we found a cozy little fisher house with a beautiful tiled stove and the beach just 50m away. There was absolutely no wifi or cell phone reception which was fine, actually. We spent wonderful 5 Internet-free days exploring beaches, visiting the zoo, knitting (that might just be me) and reading Harry Potter for a bedtime story. Yep, you read that right. We're 26 and we're reading bedtime stories to one another. Totally normal.
 photo IMG_0675_zpsovpd4etw.jpg
 photo IMG_0686_zpsal5dmxqo.jpg
Most of the beach near our house was not sand but thousands of tiny little seashells. I was so stupid not to scoop up a handful and take them home. I'm sure they would be great in some kind of crafty project, what do you think? Maybe I forgot because I stood there, on the seashell beach, suddenly wondering why or how all those seashells had to die.
 photo IMG_0664_zps5ytjwbkq.jpg
 photo IMG_0680_zpsny3jw6xw.jpg
 photo IMG_0757_zpsxjowtptt.jpg
That peaceful moment, where the boyfriend was feeding llamas in the zoo... right before the boss llama saw the boyfriend feeding another llama but him, got jealous and spat him right in the face. Poor boyfriend.
He also carried my heavy bag all day. He is the best.
 photo IMG_0761_zpsfwnx92cr.jpg
 photo IMG_0801_zpsgvcou6yt.jpg
 photo IMG_0762_zpsdigggld0.jpg
Last but not least: The only picture with both of us in it. Yay!

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