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Tuesday, November 24

No-sew felt baskets | DIY

A while ago Cat from Cut Out + Keep asked me if I wanted to try out a product or craft tool and write a tutorial and short review about it. That was actually several months ago, when we were all still wearing sandals and shorts and sunscreen. However, I said yes and got to try out the KAMsnaps and KAMsnaps tool! KAMsnaps have been all the rage for quite some time now but I never got the chance to try them for myself (and also I'm that slow) - until now. You can read a bit more about my experiences with the snaps and tools over at Cut Out + Keep.

Also, I whipped up a fun and easy tutorial for fun and colorful no-sew baskets made from only felt and KAMsnaps. The really fun part about those is that you can unfold the basket by opening all the snap closures and store them lying flat without wasting any space. Nice! I got the idea from the paper plate baskets that I made some time ago. I use them mainly to hold embroidery thread bobbins at my cross stitch workshops but found that they took up more room in my shelves than I liked when not used. Now with the felt versions that's not a problem anymore.
For the full tutorial head over to Cut Out + Keep!

Tuesday, November 17

Pretty advent calendars you can buy online

So maybe you're in a similar situation like me - super busy and caught in between stitching aaaall the christmas orders and renovating our new home (yep, still not done here) - or not so much the DIY type, or just a tiny bit too lazy to whip up a whimsical calendar all by yourself. Then this is for you. I collected a few great advent calenders that are modern and chic, plus: not filled with cheap chocolate.  Ugh, cheap chocolate! We got at least two of those every year when I was a kid and I would always use the chocolate figurines to bribe my two brothers into doing my chores or telling me secrets or letting me play with their toys.Wish that would still work.

I think this year I'll opt for one of those calendars that are premade and only have to be filled. But I also love the poster calendar from Junique! I think it's such a cool idea especially if you're looking for an alternative route to sugary sweets and chocolate. 

1.touch of gold advent calendar/rieck 
2.advent calendar simply neon/heaven+paper advent calendar set/creative juice cafe  
4.advent calendar/ferm living
5.advent calendar set with 24 bags/noumonda
6.advent calendar with 24 different posters/junique
7.modern heirloom numbered pocket advent calendar/house and home la
8.boxes advent calendar/
9.advent calendar with 24 different spices and recipes/clormann design

Wednesday, November 4

Market Day

Hello again! I can't believe it's been almost exactly two months since my last post! It feels like not more than four or five weeks to me. The moving process and the renovations around our new place have kept us super busy and although we're not anywhere near finished, I think the worst is over. But more on the moving topic later because this post is supposed to be about the first time we left the house to go somewhere else than IKEA or Bauhaus.
After three weeks in our new place we felt we had earned a day off to explore the city - Mainz - for a bit. And so we spent a good deal of Saturday morning at the weekly market in Mainz. We had the best time there admiring all the colorful vegetables, fruits and flowers, filling our bags with fresh local foods and happily discussing if there's still enough room for a bunch of colorful carrots (Because - pretty. Duh), munching hot waffles and not thinking about the state of our kitchen (chaos alert!) for a change. It was exacly what we needed at that moment. It felt really good to eat fresh, healthy, organic, local food instead of our latest diet which containes a lot of take-out and pizza. Ouch.
Also, I made pictures. Enoy and see you later!

Thursday, September 3

Life changes: we're moving!

It's been awfully quiet around here for a while. A lot of things happened at once in the last few weeks that made me pause the blog for a while. One of them is that I had to stay at the hospital for a few days. Don't worry, it was nothing very serious and I'm fine and up and about already. On a happier note: We're moving!
The boyfriend has been looking for a PhD position ever since he got his master's degree in May so I had some time to adjust to the fact that we would probably be moving soon. Or not so very soon. Somewhere in Germany. Or Europe. In a few months. Or maybe only weeks.
Basically, I knew absolutely nothing and it drove me crazy! Can we rent a garden again this year or will we already be gone before we can harvest anything? Can we go on vacation this summer or will it clash with finding new homes, renovations, moving? The whole situation was very frustrating for me to say the least. Not being made easier by the fact that after weeks of searching for PhD positions that matched his field and specialisation, the boyfriend applied for only ONE and refused to apply anywhere else before he got a reply. I used that opportunity to exercise calm and patience - with varying degrees of success.
But thank god he got the job! We'll be leaving Berlin move to Mainz in October!
The last weeks were well spent quitting our jobs here in Berlin, getting out of our lease for our current home, driving across Germany on the weekends to look for a new place to live and trying to figure out the best and cheapest way to move to a place that's 600 kilometers away. We're still students after all and moving vans aren't cheap, I can tell you this much.
We finally signed contracts for our new home in Mainz last week! Now comes my favorite part of moving. I loove planning our new home! Everything from renovations to DIY bits and furnishing. And I love packing boxes. Honestly, if the boyfriend didn't keep me from it, the whole apartment would have been packed up in boxes the day we signed the contract for our new place. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to new adventures in Mainz.
So if things stay a little more quiet over the next few weeks it's because I'm sitting on the living room floor, packing boxes.
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