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Monday, June 29

Weekend adventures | strawberry picking

Since we're not able to rent a garden this year (read all about it here) we're very much enoying everything that comes near the 'real garden experience', including fleeing the big city almost every weekend. This past weekend the weather  was finally goof enough to go strawberry picking! After weeks of perfect rainy fall weather, we got a perfect summer's day yesterday. I almost feared I wouldn't at all be able to wear shorts this year. Phew! But obviously we weren't the only ones who thought that the weather was perfect to do some strawberry picking and the place was quite full. We originally planned to go cherry picking as well, just as we did last year, but we decided to come back another time when the place isn't so packed. We got home with an impressive amount of strawberrys and transformed half of it into strawberry jam the same evening. Speaking of which - I'm off to buy some rolls and toast to go with it. Yum!
How was your weekend?

Friday, June 26

Weaving on a cardboard loom | DIY + workshop review

I'm over at Cut Out + Keep today and talking about  the Weaving For Beginners Workshop that I took at betahaus in Berlin last month! It was a great workshop that I would recommend to everyone who has the chance to go there, but read everything about it on Cut Out + Keep.

Also, you can learn how to do an easy weave on a cardboard loom! I made a neat little tutorial for a DIY loom made from cardboard only so you don't have to invest in a  wooden loom. It works really well, too! If you always wanted to try out weaving but didn't want to buy an expensive loom, this is the perfect way to get started and find out if you're into it!
 And because a loom only is very boring and useless, I'm also explaining the basics for dressing a loom and weaving techniques! Yay!

Tuesday, June 23

Foodie Bracelets | DIY

I always thought that a person's favorite food tells a lot about them. My favorite foods probably suggest that I'm a fat teenager (the boyfriend commented that I forgot potato chips). Of course, if you're not so much into wearing your current food cravings around your wrist, you could spell out anything you want, really. But I think, food is great. I like food, you know.

Now, the tutorial is so easy that I didn't bother to take step-by-step pictures. These bracelets are basically the same elastic bracelets that probably all of us made as kids. Just not as colorful. Best thing about this: I made these 4 bracelets in about 20 minutes!

What you need:

alphabet beads (I used acrylic beads in gold)
small beads (I used glass beads and chose faceted black ones)
black elastic cord
Step1: Cut the elastic cord to about 5-8 cm longer than your wrist's circumference. Thread glass beads and alphabet beads onto the elastic until they measure the same length as your wrist. If you want the bracelets to fit more loosely, maybe add one or two beads extra.
Step 2: Stretch the bracelet a tiny bit and make a knot to close it permanently. Cut the ends a little bit shorter.

Well, that was easy. Now make some more!

Monday, June 22

Handmade espadrilles | #prymcontest

Helloooo! I'm seriously excited right now because I'm finally showing you my espadrilles for the prymcontest, in which I had the privilege to participate. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about: The prymcontest is a contest organized by Prym, Farbenmix, Swafing and the Handmade Kultur magazine, in the course of which 50 lucky people, who got the chance to participate, received a fantastic (and huge) box full of supplies to make their own espadrilles. The best 10 pairs of espadrilles can win super cool prizes! You can follow the progress and the results of the contestants with the hashtag #prymcontest on Instagram, Facebook and all over the internet! You should really check it out and have a look at what all those crazy talented ladies created! I feel so lucky to participate and to get to know so many lovely and gifted people over the past 4 weeks.

But without further ado, here's my contribution to the prymcontest:
It was quite a journey to create my espadrilles, but I'm very very happy with the result! I love that I came up with something that is totally me and I swear I would totally buy these if I saw them in a shop somewhere.
I started my design process by  searching the internet for inspiration and falling in love with way to many espadrilles. Next, I drew tiny sketches into the notebook that I take with me wherever I go. I decided that I wanted my shoes to look a lot like the classic espadrilles but with a modern twist and I very much wanted to incorporate leather somewhere. I thought that the design I came up with was a bit more advanced than my sewing and pattern-making abilities, but I loved the design too much not to give it a go. The leather piece was the most difficult part, because it is cut in one piece that goes over the front, the sides and the back. You bet it made me break out in a cold sweat more than once. But everything went just as planned. Phew! I'm a tiny little bit proud of myself that my espadrilles turned out so pretty!

The feature I'm  also very smitten with is the small cap at the tip of the shoes. Of course I had to search half of the Internet for the right way to do it, just to find out that it's made with the same stitch that I used along the soles. Naturally. This cap is what really makes it espadrilles for me, because that's what the classic Spanish espadrilles look like. And also, it's darn cute.

I'll post a full tutorial later this week for you. Until then, to shorten the time, Enoy these pictures of my espadrilles and feel free to take a look at the tutorial for the melon espadrilles, that I made last year!

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